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<empty>This section will give access to information and resources made available for both Instructors and Judges to assist in the Education Programme of WGUK.

Whilst we have indicated which documents are best suited to a Judge and /or Instructor this does not prevent anyone from downloading the document and taking advantage of its contents if they so wish!!  Therefore feel free to download any of the items that you might find of use. 

For more information - just email judges@wguk.org.uk or admin@wguk.org.uk

If you would like to download any of these files simply right mouse click (or control click on a Mac) on the document you want and select 'save target' in the menu ("download link to disk" on a Mac).

Last updated 31st January 2011

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Available Documents Instructors Judges
Latest WGI Adjudication Manual - Only available by request from current WGUK registered organisations  
Critique Guidelines NEW <empty>(Download)
Planning your Programme  <empty>(Download)
Understanding the Scoring System <empty>(Download)
Introduction to Ensemble Analysis <empty>(Download) <empty>(Download)
Depth and Quality of Design <empty>(Download) <empty>(Download)
Ensemble Considerations <empty>(Download) <empty>(Download)
General Effect <empty>(Download) <empty>(Download)
Judge Attributes <empty>(Download)
Judge Barriers <empty>(Download)
Judging Basics <empty>(Download)
Numbers Management <empty>(Download)
Revisiting Achievement <empty>(Download) <empty>(Download)
Ensemble - Home Study <empty>(Download)
Equipment - Home Study <empty>(Download)
General Effect - Home Study <empty>(Download)
Movement - Home Study <empty>(Download)
Tote Sheets <empty>(Download)
Tote Sheets Wide 100/00  <empty>(Download)
Tote Sheets Wide 70/130 <empty>(Download)
Judges Performance Notes Sheet    <empty>(Download)