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Introduction to Ensemble Analisys


As hopefully you are all aware, the WGUK website has an "Education Section" which provides access to numerous helpful and informative documents to help units learn and improve and also understand how they are being judged. 

The latest document to be released is entitled Introduction to Ensemble Analysis and whilst aimed mainly at the Cadet & Junior Class units you might find it could be helpful for all Guards to better understand this caption. Download the document at: http://www.wguk.org.uk/about/documents/Introduction to Ensemble Analysis.pdf 

All the education documents are available at: http://www.wguk.org.uk/about/education.html and we hope to continue to add and build on this section of the website over the coming months

If you would to contact the Judges then email judges@wguk.org.uk or get in touch via our Contact Page.

23rd October 2009