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New documents available inc Understanding the Scoring System


emptyThe Education Section of the WGUK website has been updated with three new documents of which two are specifically for judges to manage their scores on show days however the main new addition is an excellent information document entitled "Understanding the Scoring System".

Whilst this document is aimed at Guard Staff and Instructors it is also a must read document  for anyone interested in what the scores for each Guard mean and the process the judges go through when allocating scores.  So if you are one of those people that sits in the stand and wonders how the scoring system works then this may help spread some light for you.

Click here to access the Education Section and feel free to read any of the available publications - you never know you might even think about becoming a Judge yourself!

For more information you can contact the WGUK Education Director, William Chumley and WGUK Judging Caption Head, Jason Oates, at judges@wguk.org.uk


3rd February 2010