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Judging Update - November 2010


emptyThe judges held a successful weekend in Birmingham (27th/28 Nove mebr 2010) where discussion covered movement fundamentals, movement and how it receives credit in all captions, recognising training versus rehearsed skills, paradigms for classes, numbers management, and tape dialog as it relates to movement.

We welcome new and returning judges to the 2011 season. Your judges:

Jason Oates
Allison Doherty
Barry Davis
Matt Johnson
Trevor Tomalin
Edwin Beens
Martin Ibbs
Philippa Baird
Ian Kirk
Darren Darton
Brian Yothers
John Macaulay
Adam Sage
Dan Su├ętt
William Chumley

Achievement Revisited
Units are reminded that achievement remains a priority in all classes.
However, clear training and the presentation of strong and consistent skills are the foundation for reward in the Cadet, Junior, and A Classes. A group demonstrating training at a basic level should receive more credit than a team attempting skills that are underachieved. The judges have worked to recognise underlying training and to reward that quality when seen. Cadet, junior, and A class instructors should present clear skills in their shows.
Achievement is the priority in these classes. Less may be more when it is done well.

Movement Emphasis
You should hear more recognition of movement as it relates to equipment layering, design and orchestration, and to effect. We spent a significant amount of time working to grow judge understanding of the critical role movement plays in the total system. Units must balance their design and training programs to incorporate both body and equipment, along with creative staging, design, and overall programs.

All the best with your programs and see you in the new year!

William Chumley
WGUK Education Director



30th November 2010