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WGUK Judges - Report on Season Review


50% of the WGUK Judges gathered at The Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Birmingham on Saturday 12th May, to review the 2012 season and start the process of forward planning for the 2013 season. 

Discussions centred round the following topics: -

• The Judges Co-ordination & Education Team
• Involvement & Accountability 
• 2012 Judges End of Season Survey
• Recruitment
• Training 
• Accreditation
• Ethics & Ethos
• Embracing Accountability
• Communication
• Submission of Proposals to the WGUK Board

Mark Nicholson, newly appointed Judges Co-ordinator, spoke of the success of the day and of the strong commitment from all colleagues based within the judging community to drive the quality and professionalism of judging forward embracing our defined ethos and accountability. 

Rob Da Costa, Education Director, spoke of the new interactive training and accreditation process that would be implemented over the coming months pre the judges training college weekend that will be held on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November 2012 at a venue in the midlands, this event will be open to designers and instructors from all classes, information to be made available in the summer.

For more information in regard to judging or becoming a judge, then please contact:-

Mark Nicholson
Judges Co-ordinator
E: judges@wguk.org.uk


22rd May 2012