Spintastic "On The Road"


Following the success of the Spintastic event held in May, WGUK is putting together a team of people to take this ground breaking event on the road and bring it to your neighbourhood.

Spintastic "On The Road" is mainly aimed at helping improve the skills of instructional staff rather than the performing members directly however the schedule of each event will be agreed between WGUK and the Guards concerned to ensure that as much can be gained from the event as possible.

Sessions do not necessarily have to be regarding instruction - administration matters can also be covered to help Guards be better organised and constituted.

WGUK will not make any charge for this service - all you will be required to do will be provide a venue and a group of willing "students".

If you feel your organisation could benefit then please get in touch at spintastic@wguk.org.uk / road@spintastic.org.uk or register via the website at http://www.spintastic.org.uk

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