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South West Academy announce further details about 2016 shows


Press Release by South West Academy

SWA are proud to announce further details of their Cadet and Junior Shows along with their Staff List for the 2016 WGUK Competition Season.

SWA Cadets invite you to join them on their journey, "Into the woods" with Little Red Riding Hood. But don't take it for granted that you know the ending to this fairy tale. Little girls aren't as stupid as they used to be!

SWA Juniors welcome you to the Garden of Eden. A Utopian Paradise filled with beauty and happiness. A magical place where no evil or unhappiness exists. “Beware of the forbidden fruit.” Giving in to temptation can only lead to 'Dystopia’

SWA Staff - John Barclay, Bridget Coulter, Roxy Bicknell, Kayleigh Bicknell, Jade Matthews, Emily Curnock, Tara Price, Sheree Rogers, Mel Matthews, Shannon Hadwick, Richard Coulter, and Carly Rogers. 

Obviously none of this would be possible without the great support from our fabulous loyal members and their parents helping us make flags and scenery behind the scenes, so a big thank you to you all being part of our great journey.


8th January 2016