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Anchormen to field 3 units in 2016


Press Release by Anchormen

The Anchormen have 3 units in competition for 2016. "It's the first time in the organisations winterguard history to do so. We have a strong membership this year and I'll be extremely proud to see all 3 units on the arena." said the Anchormen director Mick Moss. 

The cadets show is entitled "Let's Play". With an average age of 7, they play a game of Twister to keep them entertained. The Juniors ask you to "Come Fly With Me" as they prepare for departure and take you on a journey. Finally, we are proud to say that the A unit are back in competition with their dance program "The Final Chapter". Only 3 years ago these members were competing in Cadet class. To see their growth and watch them enter the arena will be extremely rewarding.

All the units will be competing at all the usual competitions. With the addition of the A Class team travelling to the Netherlands in March 2016, to compete in a CGN competition. It has been 20 years since the Anchormen last visited mainland Europe.


8th January 2016