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Imperial Winterguard are coming back for more

Press release by Imperial Winterguard

The Imperial Winterguard A Class team, from South Gloucestershire, had such a good time last year in their inaugural season on the WGUK circuit that they have had no reservations about signing up for the 2017 Winterguard UK Championships. 

Charlotte Jones, Chairman of Imperial, said “we had a lot of fun putting together our circus-themed ‘Le Spectacle’ show for last season and we were really encouraged by the positive reaction of the WGUK audiences and by the feedback from the judging team. Most importantly to us, our staff and members had a blast, and they are now looking forward to trying something a little different for their second season. We will share more about our new show shortly, but we expect that it will encourage our team to extend themselves, to enable them to be the best that they can be, and also that it will be appreciated by the audiences when we take to the floor.”

In addition to the A Class team, an Imperial Cadets team will be introduced to the circuit in 2017 – this is a fabulous new challenge for the group, and is one that everyone at Imperial is really excited about – especially the youngsters, all of whom will be performing on the circuit for the very first time.

For more information about Imperial you can check out their website, www.imperialwinterguard.co.uk, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter (these additional links are on their website). 

4th October 2016