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Southern Knights announce 30th Anniversary year shows


Press Release by Southern Knights

As the Southern Knights enter their 30th year they are pleased to announce their 2018 shows for the WGUK season...

Cadet Class - The Picnic
The Rugrats have packed their blankets, their teddies and their food and are waiting for you to join them...

Junior Class - A Friend Is What the Heart Needs
Our Juniors 2018 would like to present their show entitled "A friend is what the heart needs." As we enter Southern Knights 30th year we have created a show based on the true friendships the girls have made in this wonderful activity.

A Class - Everybody wants to rule...
SKA members & staff would like to introduce you to their 2018 production, a thought provoking show entitled 'Everybody wants to rule...'

Open Class - Like Diamonds In The Sky
The Ladies & Gent of SKO in 2018 present their show entitled ‘Like Diamonds In The Sky’ as we pay homage to 30 wonderful years of Southern Knights - we gaze at the stars, remembering the memories that still shine so bright ‘like a diamond’...


12th December 2017