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WGUK inducts 2 new Hall Of Fame members


In 2017 Winter Guard United Kingdom introduced its own Hall of Fame as a way of honouring the “legends” of the UK Winter Guard activity ensuring they are remembered for the indelible impressions they have left on the UK activity.  

Candidates were nominated and seconded before being discussed by the Hall of Fame assessment team and we are proud to announce that the two successful candidates for 2018 are Veronica "Ron" Hope and Ken Mansfield.

Congratulations to both incredibly worthy “Legends” and they will be formally inducted at the forthcoming WGUK Championships on Saturday 31st March.  

Below are extracts from their nominations...

Ron’s involvement with the marching and performing arts spans more than three decades her involvement began with the Mayflower organisation where her children became members and she rapidly became involved and elected as the chairperson. 

Mayflower Winterguard competed in the national circuit from the mid 80’s when the national winterguard circuit was part of and governed by the DCUK board.
When WGUK was formed and Ron joined the WGUK Board to promote and build an independent UK winterguard circuit, Ron held the position of WGUK Chairperson alongside Deputy Chair Mark Gutteridge for a number of years. Ron was a dedicated member of the board and was often seen at major events on the organising team.

Whilst Ron committed time to WGUK, she also continued to grow Mayflower Winterguard, introducing Cadets, Junior, A and Open class groups to the organisation. In the mid 90’s, Ron approached Robert DaCosta to join Mayflower and further evolve the Open class group. It was from here that the Mayflower senior guard started to compete at the WGI Championships, U.S.A, this further provided exciting and rewarding opportunities for both members and staff. Ron continues to encourage the Senior guard’s return to the world stage, this has provided over 200 members with the experience of WGI, furthermore members have progressed from Mayflower Cadets through to Mayflower World, this continues to be Ron’s aim.

In addition to the U.S.A circuit, Ron has taken Mayflower Winterguard to Ireland, France & The Netherlands. Throughout her time and travels in winterguard, she is today considered one of the most committed and dedicated leaders in UK winterguard. Mayflower is indebted to her; from driving the equipment van to sewing flags, fixing costumes, arranging Committee meetings, finalising transport requirements and hosting the annual awards evening, Ron is truly the backbone of Mayflower.

In Ron’s own words ‘just doing something I love for both WGUK and of course Mayflower, with Mayflower I just want to support young people to develop the skill of colour guard and maintain an inclusive activity for these young people to enjoy. To see our members come through our feeder system to eventually stand in front of new young members as instructors is so rewarding.

Ron has committed over 30 years to Mayflower & WGUK; and fully deserves deserves the recognition from our activity of becoming a member of the “WGUK Hall of Fame” for her endless commitment to the youth of this country.


Ken is the epitome of positive influences across all areas of the WGUK environment whether that be through his show designs, many of which have been of championship winning standards at all levels; through his teaching of not only his own units but many other organisations across a wide spectrum of ability within the WGUK sphere, or even his love of developing young talent into fully blown instructors and leaders in their own right who then carry the next generation of WGUK member to chase their own goals. The influence that Ken has shared has had an incredibly positive effect on literally hundreds, possibly thousands of youngsters over a 45 year career in the marching and performing arts arenas with almost 30 of those supporting the WGUK circuit.

Ken continues to influence the next generation through his judging efforts and there is no doubt that he is one of the most highly respected individuals on the UK scene. He has on a number of occasions flown the WGUK flag high and proud by showcasing just what WGUK units are all about in Ireland, Continental Europe and at the WGI World Championships, making a number of very good friends along the way and generating positive interest from around the globe on all that WGUK has to offer. 

During more than three decades Ken has worked with at least eight different units where he has both delivered quality winter guard productions but also helped to develop both performers and instructors along the way.

The Hall of Fame awarding committee is proud to recognise Ken Mansfield and induct him into the Hall of Fame 

More information regarding the WGUK Hall of Fame can be found at http://www.wguk.org.uk/about/wghof.html 

23rd March 2018