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Judging in 2019 - We need you!



We’ve all heard many times phrases like “what do the judges know”, “they don’t understand” and “they aren’t even qualified”. Well for 2018 that all changed with the introduction of WGI Certify. 

“WGI Certify is a totally reimagined way of training judges. This exciting service uses a combination of online tutorials combined with local mentoring. The comprehensive training series covers the particular caption philosophy, numbers management, and tips for recording performance commentary.” (www.wgi.org/wgicertify/

All the judges who judged in 2018 successfully completed the WGI Certify courses and as we progress into 2019 will all continue to build on these foundations.

As we all know our activity is very small and for us to be able to provide all the marching members with a full panel of judges WE NEED YOU!

It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is as everyone has a part to play. It would be great to be able to expand the judging community and increase our numbers so if you are interested in finding out more then please get in touch via judges@wguk.org.uk. We also have a judges training day on Sunday 25 November and we’d love to welcome you along to find out more. 

Pete Lippiatt
Judges Co-ordinator 2019

1st November 2018