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2010 NEWS

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Avengers show details for 2011

Click here>> 23rd December 2010

Mayflower announce 2011 show themes

Click here>> 21st December 2010

Kidsgrove Scouts announce 2011 shows

Click here>> 17th December 2010

Southern Knights in 2011

Click here>> 14th December 2010

Sheffield confirmed as Championships venue for 2011

Click here>> 10th December 2010

2011 NAPA Show Announcements

Click here>> 3rd December 2010

TA Cadets to merge with TMB

Click here>> 30th November 2010

Senators Indoor Percussion 2011 - Solar

Click here>> 19th November 2010

Paul Morgan to step down at NAPA after the 2011 WGUK Season

Click here>> 15th November 2010

University of North Texas (USA) performs at IPE Championships

Click here>> 18th October 2010

Indoor Percussion 2011 - Update

Click here>> 13th October 2010

WGUK 2011 - Update on Registrations

Click here>> 7th October 2010

The Academy Open Guard returns to WGI for 2011

Click here>> 5th October 2010

WGUK 2011 - Who has registered so far?

Click here>> 1st October 2010

WGUK 2011 - Registrations now open

Click here>> 1st October 2010

WGUK goes to Ireland

Click here>> 30th September 2010

Registrations for WGUK 2011 commence on 1st October

Click here>> 21st September 2010

NAPA change of direction for 2011

Click here>> 20th September 2010

Alliance announce return to WGUK in 2011

Click here>> 20th September 2010

WGUK considers Sheffield venue for Finals 2011

Click here>> 16th September 2010

Indoor Percussion in 2011 - Are You taking Part?

Click here>> 15th September 2010

Evans Drum Heads Endorse AIP

Click here>> 15th September 2010

Xpression in 2011

Click here>> 15th September 2010

Vintage 2011 Show Announcement

Click here>> 30th August 2010

WGUK 2011 - Season show venues announced

Click here>> 23rd August 2010

Southern Knights - Summer Activities

Click here>> 22nd July 2010

Vintage Sabian Endorsement

Click here>> 21st July 2010

WGUK is now on Facebook

Click here>> 7th July 2010

Discussion & Proposal Document now released

Click here>> 3rd June 2010

Northern Academy to compete at the 2011 WGI World Championships

Click here>> 25th May 2010

WGUK 2010 DVD - Now shipping!

Click here>> 14th May 2010

WGUK 2010 DVD - Shipping soon!

Click here>> 5th May 2010

Indoor Percussion - Your input requested

Click here>> 1st May 2010

Kidsgrove Scouts - What Happens Next?

Click here>> 30th April 2010

Draft schedule for WGUK 2011 announced

Click here>> 29th April 2010

WGUK Board would like your input

Click here>> 27th April 2010

What are you doing this summer?

Click here>> 20th April 2010

WGI World Championships - Congratulations

Click here>> 11th April 2010

Both UK groups make World Championships Finals

Click here>> 10th April 2010

UK through to WGI Semi Finals

Click here>> 9th April 2010

Good Luck to Mayflower & Northern Academy at WGI Championships from WGUK

Click here>> 6th April 2010

New WGUK Board elected at Championships

Click here>> 6th April 2010

WGUK Championships DVD - pre-order now

Click here>> 5th April 2010

Vintage are IP Champions 2010

Click here>> 5th April 2010

WGUK crown four 2010 Winterguard Champions

Click here>> 4th April 2010

Championships ticket pre-sales closed

Click here>> 1st April 2010

Championships ticket pre-sales close on 31st March

Click here>> 29th March 2010

Centreville High School Drumline withdraws from IPE Championships

Click here>> 29th March 2010

Barnsley Contest results

Click here>> 21st March 2010

Burgess Hill Contest results

Click here>> 14th March 2010

No IPE at Burgess Hill

Click here>> 11th March 2010

Bristol Spintastic proves a big success

Click here>> 9th March 2010

Italian Colourguard visiting UK in March

Click here>> 5th March 2010

Bristol Spintastic Schedule - 7th March

Click here>> 4th March 2010

Stoke Contest Results

Click here>> 28th February 2010

WGUK Championships - Box Office Now Open

Click here>> 22nd February 2010

Bristol Spintastic Event - 7th March

Click here>> 15th February 2010

Colchester Contest Results

Click here>> 14th February 2010

Euro Indoor Percussion Championships - Box office open

Click here>> 10th February 2010

WGUK Championships Tickets on sale from 22nd Feb

Click here>> 10th February 2010

Huddersfield Contest Results

Click here>> 7th February 2010

NAPA welcome Glenn Graham

Click here>> 5th February 2010

New Education documents available inc Understanding the Scoring System

Click here>> 3rd February 2010

Mayflower and Southern Knights take the honours at Crawley

Click here>> 31st January 2010

Cannock Contest Result

Click here>> 17th January 2010

Southern Knights - Show Announcements

Click here>> 15th January 2010

Northern Academy - Show Announcements

Click here>> 11th January 2010

Kidsgrove Scouts - Show Announcements

Click here>> 5th January 2010


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