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South West Academy 2013

Click here>> 18th December 2012

NAPA 2013

Click here>> 17th December 2012

SPICE 2013

Click here>> 3rd December 2012

Southern Knights 2013

Click here>> 14th November 2012

Thurrock Academy 2013

Click here>> 13th November 2012

Interested in judging and free this weekend?

Click here>> 12th November 2012

Kidsgrove Scouts 2013

Click here>> 23rd October 2012

South West Academy support Child Line

Click here>> 23rd October 2012

WGUK 2013 - Registration now open

Click here>> 1st October 2012

Registration for WGUK 2013 commences on 1st October

Click here>> 25th September 2012

Alliance Open 2013

Click here>> 24th September 2012

WGUK eases the passage for new judges

Click here>> 20th September 2012

Mayflower Announces Further Plans for 2013

Click here>> 19th September 2012

Mid Season Regional to have Prelims and Finals

Click here>> 12th September 2012

New Promotion rules introduced for 2013

Click here>> 24th August 2012

WGUK introduce World Class for 2013 season

Click here>> 16th August 2012

Winterguard Mourns the Passing of Fred J. Miller

Click here>> 6th August 2012

The Academy celebrate 25 years of Open Class competition

Click here>> 6th August 2012

Three Simple Questions!

Click here>> 25th July 2012

WGUK 2013 Contest Schedule released

Click here>> 18th July 2012

Oracle Performance Ensemble

Click here>> 12th July 2012

WGUK 2012 DVD - Now being shipped

Click here>> 4th July 2012

Alliance celebrate 10 years in 2013

Click here>> 19th June 2012

2012 Championships DVD - almost here!

Click here>> 13th June 2012

WGUK Board Meeting Proposals and Discussion Points

Click here>> 12th May 2012

WGUK Judges - Report on Season Review

Click here>> 23rd May 2012

No A Guard for SPICE in 2013

Click here>> 10th May 2012

WGUK 2012 - Championships DVD Trailer

Click here>> 4th May 2012

WGUK 2012 - Video Highlights

Click here>> 29th April 2012

Proposals and Rule changes

Click here>> 29th April 2012

IPE Champions: The Company, Beverly Drumband, Music Black Show & Auranja Jrs

Click here>> 9th April 2012

WGUK Elections 2012 - Board and Judges Coordinator

Click here>> 3rd April 2012

Pre-Order the 2012 WGUK Championships DVD now

Click here>> 3rd April 2012

The 2012 Winterguard Champions are crowned

Click here>> 2nd April 2012

The Company are 2012 British Indoor Percussion Champions

Click here>> 2nd April 2012

Results from Sheffield contest

Click here>> 26th March 2012

WGUK Championships Tickets - last few days for pre-sales

Click here>> 23rd March 2012

WGUK Board - Nominations close today

Click here>> 23rd March 2012

Mayflower Announces its Return to WGI

Click here>> 23rd March 2012

Results from Burgess Hill contest

Click here>> 18th March 2012

WGUK Championships - 60% of seats sold

Click here>> 16th March 2012

Nominations for WGUK Board

Click here>> 14th March 2012

WGUK Judges Coordinator Elections

Click here>> 14th March 2012

WGUK units support French Contest

Click here>> 5th March 2012

WGUK Championships - Box Office Now Open

Click here>> 27th February 2012

Results from Stoke Contest

Click here>> 26th February 2012

WGUK Championships 2012 - Box Office opens Monday 27th February

Click here>> 17th February 2012

Results from Colchester Contest

Click here>> 12th February 2012

Date of UK Indoor Percussion Championships changed

Click here>> 7th February 2012

Results from Halifax contest

Click here>> 5th February 2012

Crawley contest results

Click here>> 29th January 2012

Thurrock Academy show for 2012

Click here>> 24th January 2012

First show of the season - off to a flying start

Click here>> 15th January 2012

Mayflower show announcements

Click here>> 10th January 2012

SPICE shows for 2012

Click here>> 10th January 2012

NAPA Open Class 2012

Click here>> 6th January 2012

Guardsmen productions for 2012

Click here>> 6th January 2012



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