Winter Guard United Kingdom

Membership Recruitment – Tammy Clegg

Winter Guard United Kingdom is pleased and excited to announce that a Membership Recruitment Co-Ordinator has been appointed by the WGUK Board and that Tammy Clegg has agreed to take on this important role.

Tammy comes to WGUK with a wealth of experience from all aspects of the marching activities in the UK spanning 40 years. She has been a performer, designer, instructor and judge (The 6th, The Company (DCUK), Southern Knights (WGUK), BYBA Fellowship) and recently retired from a long career as a research scientist.

Over the past few years the number of organisations and performing teams in WGUK has remained reasonably static but the WGUK Board are looking at not only how they can help create new member organisations across the country but also how to assist existing member organisations grow their number of competing units. Tammy will be co-ordinating this exciting project which has long term plans to create a package of ideas and support which can be used over the coming years.

As part of the first stage we are asking the existing membership for names and contacts of any previous members of their organisations that we could contact to discuss if they might be interested in starting a winter guard unit but of course anyone can make contact if they have any ideas or suggestions or in fact is thinking of starting a unit themselves – you can contact via the WGUK website or email