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Results of January Stoke Contest - 14th January
Click here>> 15th January 2018


Imperial Winterguard Cadets show for 2018
Click here>> 9th January 2018


Southern Knights announce 30th Anniversary year
Click here>> 12th December 2017


WGUK Mentoring Scheme 2018
Click here>> 12th December 2017


Mayflower partners with McCormicks Enterprises
Click here>> 5th December 2017


2018 show announcement for South West Academy
Click here>> 2nd November 2017


SPICE show announcements for 2018
Click here>> 2nd November 2017


Registration for WGUK 2018 season now open
Click here>> 2nd October 2017


Thurrock Academy announces 2018 Junior class program
Click here>> 21st September 2017


WGUK 2018 - Contest dates and venues announced
Click here>> 29th June 2017


The 2017 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray now available
Click here>> 26th June 2017


British Winter Guard Championships returns to Worcester in 2018
Click here>> 12th April 2017


WGUK inducts its first two Hall of Fame Members
Click here>> 6th April 2017


WGUK crown their 2017 Champions
Click here>> 4th April 2017


All Championships recaps sheets available on line
Click here>> 2nd April 2017


WGUK Championships LIVE webcast
Click here>> 27th March 2017


WGUK launch Hall Of Fame
Click here>> 16th February 2017


2017 show announcement for Excelsior Academy
Click here>> 9th January 2017


Avengers 2017 show announcements 
Click here>> 9th January 2017


Imperial announce their 2017 shows
Click here>> 24th December 2016


Kidsgrove Scouts 2017 Winter Guard Show Announcements
Click here>> 21st December 2016


South West Academy 2017 Show Announcements
Click here>> 12th December 2016


Southern Knights announce 2017 show details
Click here>> 24th November 2016


Oracle show announcements 2017
Click here>> 27th October 2016


SPICE show announcements 2017
Click here>> 8th October 2016


Imperial Winterguard are coming back for more
Click here>> 4th October 2016


South West Academy back for 7th WGUK season 
Click here>> 14th September 2016


Alliance announce 3 units for 2017 season 
Click here>> 13th September 2016


British Winter Guard Championships 2016 DVD now available 
Click here>> 22nd June 2016


WGUK British Winter Guard Championships 2017 - new venue
Click here>> 26th May 2016


The 2016 WGUK Champions have been crowned
Click here>> 5th April 2016


The UK Fan Network is back on 21st December
Click here>> 18th December 2015


WGUK Mentoring Scheme 2016
Click here>> 18th November 2015


WGUK appoint Shirley Dorritie at Education Director
Click here>> 27th August 2014


Have you "Liked" our Facebook page?
Click here>> 17th April 2013


WGUK eases the passage for new judges
Click here>> 20th September 2012


WGUK Education - Planning Your Programme
Click here>> 11th August 2010


Education documents now available
Click here>> 25th June 2009


Spintastic "On The Road" - we can help you!
Click here>> 10th July 2007


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