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WGUK launches its own Wiki
Click here>> 16th April 2019


Pre-order the 2019 Championships DVD
Click here>> 10th April 2019


WGUK Membership elect new Board
Click here>> 8th April 2019


WGUK 2019 Fan Favourite Vote Winner
Click here>> 4th April 2019


WGUK crown their five 2019 Champions
Click here>> 3rd April 2019


WGUK Results - Whole season inc Championships
Click here>> 1st April 2019


Mayflower heading off to 2019 WGI Championships
Click here>> 28th March 2019


WGUK inducts 4 new Hall Of Fame members
Click here>> 26th March 2019


Judging in 2019 – we need you!
Click here>> 1st November 2018


2018 Championships DVD/Blu-Ray now available
Click here>> 2nd May 2018


WGUK crown their 2018 Champions
Click here>> 4th April 2018


WGUK launch Hall Of Fame
Click here>> 16th February 2017


The UK Fan Network is back on 21st December
Click here>> 18th December 2015


Have you "Liked" our Facebook page?
Click here>> 17th April 2013

WGUK Education - Planning Your Programme
Click here>> 11th August 2010


Education documents now available
Click here>> 25th June 2009


Spintastic "On The Road" - we can help you!
Click here>> 10th July 2007


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