Winter Guard United Kingdom

Registration for 2022 Season

Please read the information below very carefully before completing your registration. By clicking on the “Submit” button below you are confirming you have read and understood the instructions and also the 2022 WGUK Rules & Regulations – which are available to download via the Downloads tab on the Education menu.

Registration Process
– If your organisation has more than one unit then a separate registration is required for each unit.
– Registration should be made by 15th November 2021 and should indicate the Class you wish to enter (please note that World Class is only available to 2019 World Class units or Open Class units who scored 85+ at the 2019 Championships) and also indicate which contests you will be attending which should include at least one in January, one of the first two in February and one in March. For all Open & World Class units this must also include the first contest on 16 January in Stoke.
– If, after 15th November 2021, any contest is deemed to be under subscribed then the WGUK Board may decide to remove that contest from the schedule and if that contest was the only one you entered in that month you will need to choose another contest in that month to be eligible to perform at Championships.
– Following 15th November 2021 show entry details will be released to units and you will have until 30th November to confirm or amend your show entries.
– From 1st December 2021 if you withdraw from any contest then there is a £50 penalty (to be paid before your next contest) plus a 2 point penalty (20 tenths) which will be deducted from all scores at subsequent contests including Championships.
– From 1st December 2021 if you wish to enter additional shows then your unit will be placed to perform first in their class at the additional show/s entered.

Performance Order
The performance order for the January contests will be determined by the date in which a fully competed and confirmed registration is received and then a random draw of each days registrations. To confirm your registration you will be sent an invoice, after 1st November, covering the MPA:UK and WGUK Member Fees and the Contest Entry Fees and you will have 14 days to send payment. After 14 days, if no payment has been received, your registration will be deemed expired and you will be required to re-register.
– The performance order for the February and March contests will be seeded after EVERY contest taking the average of your previous two scores (or one score if only competed in one show in January).
– The performance order for Kids Class Finals, Cadet Class Finals, Junior Class Prelims and A Class Prelims, Open Class Prelims and World Class Prelims will be seeded by taking the average score of each unit from their previous two contests.
– The performance order for Junior Class Finals , A Class Finals, Open Class Finals & World Class Finals will be seeded by taking the scores from their respective Prelims contests. All Open & World Class Guards and 50%, rounded up, of Junior & A Class Guards progress to their respective Finals.
Staff Passes
Staff passes can be ordered as follows:
1 unit = up to 6 passes
2 units = up to 11 passes
3 units = up to 15 passes
4 units = up to 18 passes
5 units = up to 20 passes
6 units = up to 21 passes
These passes will not be unit specific – i.e. all passes will just be labelled with your organisation name and not which Class.

MPA:UK Membership Fee:- £50 (per organisation*) Payable within 14 days of invoice
WGUK Membership Fee:- No charge (per organisation*) (reduced for 2022 from £50)
Contest Entry Fee:- No charge (reduced for 2022 from £10)
WGUK Championships Entry Fee – No charge (reduced for 2022 from £20)
Performing Members Fee: £10 member (reduced for 2022 from £15)
Staff Members Fee: £10 per person (reduced for 2022 from £15)
No performing member or staff registrations will be accepted after 28th February 2022.

* The MPA:UK and WGUK Membership is only payable once per annum per organisation

Media/Fan Network
WGUK reserve the right to photograph and record performances for use in DVD production, promotional work (inc website and yearbook/programmes), Fan Network and other mediums as approved by the WGUK Board.

If you have any queries then feel free to contact us