Winter Guard United Kingdom

WGUK Who's Who

Usually the first contact would be best directed through the WGUK Admin Office who will be only too happy to deal with your enquiry.
The WGUK Office
140 Rockingham Street
South Yorkshire
S71 1JU
Tel : 08444 877 633
email: [email protected]

If you want to directly contact the WGUK Chairman you are always welcome to do so. They would be delighted to talk to you about WGUK but do remember they hold their offices in a voluntary capacity and try to lead normal lives also. WGUK is responsible in the UK for the delivery of winter guard activities and is accountable to the Marching & Performing Arts UK (MPA:UK) Board of Trustees for the management of the activity.

The WGUK Board

CHAIR: Mark Nicholson – [email protected]
DEPUTY CHAIR: Dave Barham – [email protected]
BOARD MEMBERS: Lee Court, Barry Davis & Jason Hawke
CO-OPTED MEMBERS: Sharon Smith (Membership Liaison), Brennagh McGuinness (IMBA Liaison), Tammy Clegg (Membership Recruitment)

Representatives of the MPA:UK Board
CHAIRMAN: Alan Thompson – [email protected]
DEPUTY CHAIR: Joe Fitzpatrick – [email protected]
TREASURER: Mark Gutteridge – [email protected]

Mark Nicholson

WGUK Chairman

Dave Barham

WGUK Deputy Chairman

Barry Davis

WGUK Board Member

Jason Hawke

WGUK Board Member

Sharon Smith

WGUK Board Member (Co-Opted)

Tammy Clegg

WGUK Board Member (Co-Opted)

Lee Court

WGUK Board Member

Pete Lippiatt

WGUK Board Member (Judges Co-ord)

Brennagh Mcguinness

WGUK Board Member (Co-Opted)

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