Winter Guard United Kingdom

The WGUK 10% Challenge

:: The WGUK 10% Challenge ::

In 2024, there were 253 performing members registered across all classes in WGUK. The highest number since 2007 was 436 in 2008.

Wouldn’t it be great to return to those levels?

Seems near-enough impossible, right?


If each organisation committed to an increase of just 10% in numbers of members, we would reach a staggering 407 by 2029, in just five years. By 2030, that figure would be 448.

What does 10% mean? If your organisation has 20 members now, we need just two more for 2025. (Don’t stop at two, obviously!)

The impact on an individual organisation with 25 members would be an increase to at least 40 over the first five years!

Can your organisation commit to this target?

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