Winter Guard United Kingdom

WGUK preparing for 2021

Over the past few months members of the Winter Guard United Kingdom Board and representatives from the 2020 registered Guard Organisations have held regular Zoom calls in the aim of keeping in touch, sharing information, strengthening our community and starting to plan for what 2021 may bring.
Over the summer months most organisations have been able to run basic outdoor programmes to keep members occupied. 

On our last Zoom call, about a week ago, we were aware of encouraging signs as, with the colder, darker nights drawing in, most Guards have been able to secure (or are close to securing) some form of indoor rehearsal facility for the winter months to enable them to remain active and prepare, as much as possible, for the forthcoming 2021 competitive season.

So the forthcoming 2021 season? 

As already mentioned, one of the purposes for these Zoom Meetings has been to discuss how any winter contest season could operate next year. 

Whilst everyone hopes that we are back to some form of normality there is a certain amount of realism involved that says we won’t be able to, so at the next meeting (scheduled for 1st October) a number of possible scenarios will be discussed including maybe a shorter season and/or maybe a delayed start and/or maybe reduced audience and/or maybe even virtual or partly virtual events but of course everything is dependent on where we are with lockdowns, government guidelines/rules etc. Consideration also needs to be given to whether Guards can actually rehearse/create shows, however, the overriding message is that we are all determined to ensure there is a 2021 season!

WGUK has pledged funds to ensure that, if events can/do take place, then the show organisers will not be financially disadvantaged if audience numbers are reduced.

Further updates will be made (specifically after the 1st October meeting) giving more details of how things are progressing as the season gets closer.

Stay safe everyone